Welcome to Core Executive Services

core: a central and often foundational part
- Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Core Executive Services provides essential business services with the goal of being the central source for your personal business needs. Entrepreneurs and individuals who are busy with their business or leisure life may travel extensively, have seasonal homes and are unable to keep up with their personal business obligations. Core Executive Services provides personalized business support to individuals:

  • Assist on keeping current with personal business matters

  • Oversee and manage monthly financial matters

  • Act as a liaison for professional contacts, such as the CPA, insurance agent, or legal professional as well as family

  • Assist with other personal business, projects, or personal events

  • Prepare correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, and database creation and maintenance

My name is Lorraine Ohanesian and I am the owner of Core Executive Services. My goal is to bring peace of mind to my clients by overseeing their personal business matters through quality professional services based on trust, credibility, efficiency, and confidentiality. I value working relationships as if a partner and have maintained clients for the long term.

Core Executive Services can be the one source for your basic business needs. You will have the assurance that your ongoing business matters are in order and timely maintained, which gives you peace of mind to be able to get out and enjoy your life.

Please call or contact me to discuss your business needs!



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